Real Estate Management in Fort Myers Appliances and Amenities

Today, we are talking about appliances and amenities and what tenants expect when they move into a rental property. First, we’ll talk about appliances. The only two appliances that are mandatory are a refrigerator and a stove. Beyond those two, you can provide optional appliances as well, such as a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, a washer and a dryer. In the kitchen, a dishwasher and a garbage disposal are nice things to have, but you do not have to provide them in the property.

Whether or not to provide a washer and dryer can be a difficult decision. If your home is a condo unit and you have a smaller laundry area that will require a stackable washer and dryer combo, we always recommend that you provide it. People will not have those items normally, so when they move they won’t have a stackable unit to take with them. When you have a single family house for rent, you should be flexible. A family moving in might have a washer and dryer of their own, that they plan to move with their other furniture. Or, people might be moving from different parts of the country or Canada and they may not want to move those appliances with them. They might be looking for a rental property with the washer and dryer included. The appliances you include in the home also depend upon the amount of rent you are charging for the property.

When it comes to amenities, what you can offer might depend on the HOA or the condo association where your property is located. Many people see HOAs as an indicator that the neighborhood or development is a desirable place to live. They know there are rules and regulations and people feel a little more protected. That’s a good thing. However, some rules and regulations are in place to discourage renters from living in those properties. That could be a problem.

Real Estate Management Fort Myers Appliances AmenitiesOne of the biggest amenities for renters is the ability to have pets. Make sure your association will allow tenants to keep pets in the property. We know that at least 60 percent of renters have a pet, maybe a dog or a cat or both. A lot of associations will not allow them. A community pool is great and a golf course helps too, but the best amenity you can provide your renters is the ability to move in with their cherished pets.

Finally, take a look at landscaping. This is an option for a lot of people and may be desirable to some but not to others. Some people like a clean looking yard. If you have a rental with a lot of landscaping needs, tenants might be turned off. They don’t want to spend too much time taking care of the outdoor space. So, if you have a lot of land it might be a desirable amenity, but hire a vendor to take care of that landscaping.

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